Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls' School

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Please click on a link, in the table below, to open the associated PDF document in a separate window of your Browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc...).

Upon request, paper copies of the policies below are also available, from the school office.


Accessibility Policy   Complaints Policy  
Admission Arrangements (2017-18)   Curriculum Plan  
Admission Arrangements (2018-19)   Curriculum Statement  
Admission Arrangements (2019-20)   Data protection policy and privacy notice  
Admission Arrangements (2020-21)   Equality Policy  
Behaviour Policy   Exclusion Policy  
Careers Policy   Home School Agreement  
Careers Year Overview   Medical Needs  
Charging and Remissions   SEN Policy  
Child Protection   SEN Information Report  
Collective Worship   Whistleblowing