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Linking curriculum with careers can improve student motivation and engagement, and it isn't hard.

You are probably doing most of it already!

How Can I help my students?


Make careers learning explicit

The knowledge you are teaching - would it be particularly useful for specific careers or fields? Point it out!

Likewise skills - there are so many essential skills to maximise students' success in life and in their career. You are covering many of them already, so why not link it to careers as you do so?


Take a look at the list of skills which employers say are most important here.


Would like some support? Speak to your Department Head, or to the Careers Leader



We know how hard you work

so key consideration for the Careers Programme is that steps be EASY to implement for maximum benefit.

Common reaction following a conversation with the Careers Leader is RELIEF -

Careers seemed so unknown, so SCARY, but it's actually


To discuss anything careers-related, whether for you or for students, please contact the school Careers Leader

Mrs Lebhar -



Once upon a time, there was a


You chose your career.

You entered it.

You worked your way up.


No longer.

Our students (and perhaps you yourself) will be entering a working world where most people can expect to change careers several times, often working in very different areas to the one they chose at first.

Skills are often as or more important than experience.


You can:

- Discuss strengths and interests with students. What are they good at?

- Help students consider which qualifications and skills might be useful for areas or careers in your subject


Encourage students to visit the school library and do research (an essential skill), or to read about different careers!



You are a source of endless fascination!

- Discuss your career path with students.

- Discuss which traits, knowledge, and skills make someone suited to the roles you have experience of.

- What is a particular job actually like on a day-to-day basis?

If you have done this, please let the Careers Leader know so it can be recorded.


You know the students best

If you feel a student could do with some extra guidance or support, please be in contact. You can also speak to the SEN department.


Give us feedback

Is there a part of the Careers Programme you feel is particularly beneficial?

Is there something you, as a teacher, think should be added Careers Programme? Or modified?

Is there something that you, based on your career path and experience, think should be included?

Let us know!